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Drew Brees Thumb Injury is Significant Hit to Saints Season

Drew Brees Thumb Injury

If the Saints lose Drew Brees, future Hall of Fame Quarterback, to a significant injury early in the 2019 season, what other significant changes are in store for the Saints?

Drew Brees‘ pass attempt to Jared Cook and subsequent thumb injury after hitting Aaron Donald’s hand, has many in the sports world wondering how Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints will course correct the 2019 season if Brees is out for a long period of time.   

Drew Brees Thumb Injury

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According to Dr. Jessica Flynn sports medicine doctor from Boston area, “If so, surgery required and earliest return to play is in 10-12 weeks.”   If this is the case, the Saints playoff hopes are in jeopardy.

The Saints have few options in order to salvage their playoff hopes without Brees for most of the 2019 regular season. Here are a few possibilities:

START TEDDY BRIDGEWATER – He was 17/30 for 165 yards against the Rams in relief of Brees.  However, dropped passes, poor route running and a lack of protection did not help his cause on Sunday.

Teddy Bridgewater vs LA Rams



START TAYSOM HILL – If Sean Payton truly believes Hill is the next coming of Steve Young, start him in Seattle or Cowboys game if Bridgewater proves ineffective as a starter.

LOOK FOR OUTSIDE HELP – The reality for the Saints is there is no quarterback currently on the market which makes sense to come in and make an immediate impact for the Saints.  The only free agent QB’s with recent playoff experience are Matt Cassell and Tom Savage.   Savage served time in New Orleans, he could be a possibility to backup Bridgewater and/or Hill.  Both are far from Brees.  Colin Kaepernick’s name has been floated on Social Media.  Many do not believe the Saints would be interested in Kaepernick.

USE BOTH AND REVISE THE SCHEME – Sean Payton and Pete Carmichael may have to revise the team’s scheme and dynamics according to the strengths of Bridgewater or Hill.  Using both talents could help the Saints offense against highly aggressive defensive units like the Seahawks and Cowboys.  The downside could result in a lack of continuity for the offense.

TRADE – Who would the Saints trade for and what are they willing to give up?   Could Eli Manning be available since the Giants have Daniel Jones waiting on the sidelines and they are 0-2?  Probably, but his contract could be an issue for the Saints which are already near the salary cap.  This early in the season, not many teams are going to be willing to give up a valuable back-up quarterback.


Colin Kaepernick

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Nonetheless, the long-feared and immediate change to the New Orleans Saints is here.   Brees has only missed one game as a New Orleans Saints player due to injury since his arrival in 2006.   The Saints and Who Dat Nation have enjoyed to watch a Hall of Fame quarterback perform, bring home a Super Bowl Championship, win playoff games and bring the Saints to prominence in the NFL.   A run for the playoffs are not out of the possibility for the Saints.   Their NFC South foes have their troubles as well early in the 2019 season.

Monday, the Saints, Who Dat Nation, and NFL will be awaiting the diagnosis and prognosis of Drew Brees’ thumb injury.   Let’s hope all is not too dismal and Brees can quickly return as the New Orleans Saints leader and quarterback in 2019. 


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