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Why a Saints Trade of Brandin Cooks Makes Complete Sense

Dec 13, 2015; Tampa, FL, USA; New Orleans Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks (10) works out prior to the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

By now, Saints fans are well aware of the rumor that's been reported by ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that the Saints are possibly seeking to trade 4th year star wide receiver Brandin Cooks to either the Tennessee Titans or the Philadelphia Eagles.

Schefter reports that one scenario has the Titans simply trading their first-round pick (No. 18 overall) for Cooks, who was the Saints' 20th pick in the first round of the 2014 draft. Another scenario, per sources, has the two teams swapping slots in the first round, involving the Titans moving from the No. 5 pick (acquired from the Rams) to the Saints' 11th pick, with another pick or two also in play.

The second team in such a scenario according to Schefter is the Philadelphia Eagles. Schefter says that the Eagles also want to find a receiver in an attempt to upgrade assets around quarterback Carson Wentz, the team's top pick in 2016. They will have either the 14th or 15th pick in the draft, pending a coin flip with the Colts that is scheduled to take place at the Indianapolis scouting combine as early as Thursday.

Now immediately, the very first question that most Saints fans are asking and want to know is:

Are the rumors TRUE?

What I can tell you with a great degree of certainty is this: if the Saints are SERIOUS about rebuilding their defense and getting back to the Playoffs? Then they NEED to "hit" on EVERY pick in next month's Draft. PERIOD.

The Saints NEED a pass rusher opposite of Cameron Jordan. They NEED a middle linebacker. They NEED another cornerback opposite of Delvin Breaux. They NEED another free safety.

But also remember this much: Drew Brees DOESN'T NEED Brandin Cooks.

Sep 13, 2015; Glendale, AZ, USA; New Orleans Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks (10) against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

He'd like to have him around of course, and who wouldn't?

Cooks by all accounts is a dynamic and talented player. But Drew Brees has always made the players around him better, not the other way around.

If the Saints traded Cooks, Brees would still have Michael Thomas and Wille Snead to throw to, and as ESPN's Schefter notes: Thomas set Saints rookie receiving records in 2016, with 92 catches for 1,137 yards and nine touchdowns. Meanwhile, Snead had 72 catches for 895 yards and four TDs as the No. 3 receiver for New Orleans.

Bottom line: if you're the Saints and you NEED defense, then this trade makes total and complete sense; and if the offer is valid???

Then it's time to pull the trigger.

Plus, we all remember quite well the "diva attitude" that Cooks displayed when things weren't going his way.

Maybe he was frustrated and didn't mean anything by it, but you can bet anything that the Saints remember that same incident --- and remember also that that they don't want ANY "bad attitudes" inside of their locker room.

Goodbye, Brandin Cooks. It's been nice.......

Saints News Network featured columnist and Big Easy Magazine contributing writer Barry Hirstius is a 52-year old semi-retired journalist, former New Orleans-area sports editor, and writer previously with several sites that exclusively cover the New Orleans Saints football team. Additionally, he is a recurring guest on a variety of local Sports Talk Radio programs. Barry is also a New Orleans native who grew up as a fan of the team while attending games as a young boy at the old Tulane Stadium in the early 1970’s, originally following and now covering the team for a span of over 45 plus years. And perhaps most importantly of all: he is the Grandfather of two beautiful young girls, Jasmine and Serenity.....

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